THe Rohirrim

Adventure deck:

[2]Uruk Camp
[4]Westement Hills
[5]Deep Of Helm
[6]Great Hall
[7]King's Room
[8]Wizard's Vale
[9]Palantir Chamber

Free Peoples: (32)

Frodo, Tired Traveler
The One Ring, The Answer To All Riddles

Eomer, Third Marshall of Riddermark (start)
Elite Rider (1 start) x2
Eowyn, Sister-Daughter of Theoden
Aldor, Soldier Of Edoras
Guma, Plains Farmer
Hlafwine, Village Farmhand
Leod, Westfold Herdsman
Eowyn's Sword
Eomer's Spear
Rider's Mount x3
Rider's Spear
Sword of Rohan
King's Mail
Hobbit Sword
Well Stored
An Honorable Charge x4
Simbelmyne x4
Helm! Helm! x2
Work For The Sword x2

Shadow (32):

Uruk-Hai Horde x2
Uruk-Hai Band x2
Uruk-Hai Patrol x2
Uruk-Hai Marauder x4
Uruk Stormer x4
Uruk-Hai Mob x3
Uruk Veteran
Uruk Trooper x2 Uruk Vanguard
Uruk Assault Band
Advance Uruk Patrol
Attack On Helm's Deep x3
Ferocity x3
Down To The Last Child x2
Burning of Westfold