No Down for Men

Frodo, Courteous Halfling
The One Ring, Answer to All Riddles

Adventure Deck:

[1] Eastemnet Gullies
[2] Derndingle
[3] Golden Hall
[4] White Rocks
[5] Deep of Helm
[6] Caves of Aglarond
[7] Hornburg Causeway
[8] Ring of Isengard
[9] Fortress of Orthanc

Free Peoples (32)

Gimli, Lockbearer (starting)
Merry, Learned Guide (starting)
Pippin, Wooly-footed Rascal (starting)
Axe of Erebor
Elven Sword
Rangerís Sword, Blade of Aragorn
Legolas, Dauntless Hunter x2
Stump and Bramble x2
Task Was Not Done x2
Aragorn, Wingfoot x2
Gandalf, Greyhame x2
Treebeard, Earthborn x2
Grown Suddenly Tall x2
Elven Brooch x2
Quick As May Be x3
Knocked on the Head x3
Warmed Up a Bit x3

Shadow (32)

Down to the Last Child x2
Attack on Helmís Deep x3
Uruk-hai Band x3
Uruk-hai Mob x4
Uruk-hai Horde x4
Uruk-hai Marauder x4
Uruk-hai Trooper x4
Uruk Regular x4
Ferocity x4

by Joe Lewis