A lighter side of Fellowship

Adventure Path:

[1] The Riddermark
[2] Fangorn Forest
[3] Golden Hall
[4] White Rocks
[5] Hornburg Courtyard
[6] Hornburg Armory
[7] Hornburg Causeway|
[8] Wizardís Vale
[9] Fortress of Orthanc

Frodo, Courteous Halfling
The One Ring, Answer to all Riddles

Free Peoples (36)

Sam, Son of Hamfast (starting)
Merry, Learned Guide (starting)
Pippin, Wooly-footed Rascal (starting)
Aragorn, Heir to the White City
Gandalf, Friend of the Shirefolk x4
Treebeard, Earthborn x2
Knocked on the Head x3
Swiftly and Softly x3
Severed His Bonds x4
Frodoís Pipe
Aragornís Pipe
Gandalfís Pipe
Longbottom Leaf
Old Toby x4
Rangerís Sword, Blade of Aragorn
Mind Your Own Affairs x2
Legolas, Greenleaf x2
Elrond, Lord of Rivendell x2

Shadow (36)

Orc War Band x4
Hate x 4
Orc Hunters x4
Orc Soldier x4
Orc Inquisitor x3
Elite Archer x4
Southron Bowman x4
Southron Archer x3
Whirling Strike x3
Desert Lord x3