Smilies are case-sensitive
What to type Emotion Picture
:D Very Happy 
:-D Very Happy 
:grin: Very Happy 
:) Smile 
:-) Smile 
:smile: Smile 
:( Sad 
:-( Sad 
:sad: Sad 
:o Surprised 
:-o Surprised 
:eek: Suprised 
:-? Confused 
:???: Confused 
8) Cool 
8-) Cool 
:cool: Cool 
:lol: Laughing 
:x Mad 
:-x Mad 
:mad: Mad 
:P Razz 
:-P Razz 
:razz: Razz 
:oops: Embaressed 
:cry: Crying (very sad) 
:evil: Evil or Very Mad 
:roll: Rolling Eyes 
:wink: Wink 
;) Wink 
;-) Wink 

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